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52 Plays by Women Week Nine: Audio Play BY GOD'S MERCY by Colette Victor

February 26, 2019

This week for 52 Weeks By Women I listened to an audio play! Another participant in the 52 Plays by Women challenge who I follow on twitter, Hanna Ã…kerfelt, tweeted about a play available on BBC World Drama as one of the 2018 International Playwriting Competition winners. So today on my long commute I listened to South African writer Colette Victor's radio play BY GOD'S MERCY. The recording will be available for the next six days, so if you're interested give it a listen. Runs a bit over fifty minutes.

I'm really digging all the different ways to come at this challenge. This weekend I'm hoping to catch a live production of a play, it'll all come down to ticket availability, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

What did you see/read/listen to this week?

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