Rachel Bublitz



March 11, 2019

I have a new draft of my play THE NIGHT WITCHES! And only a few days past when I'd hoped to have had it done by… Better late than never is kinda becoming my March mantra, though I'm hoping to be getting back into my normal swing of things soon… But back to the play, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NEW DRAFT!!!! It's draft number two of THE NIGHT WITCHES, which is my second commission from the Egyptian Youtheatre! This summer one of the million things keeping me very busy will be a week long summer camp workshop of THE NIGHT WITCHES as well as its World Premiere! Dates for both will be coming along soon.

If you cannot wait until this summer to know more about this play, pop on over to my New Play Exchange page where you can download the latest and greatest draft of THE NIGHT WITCHES. If you're not on the New Play Exchange (why aren't you on the New Play Exchange???), you can also email me for a pdf of the script.

Woo! Stay tuned for workshop and performance dates!

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