Rachel Bublitz


RED DAYS Reading at Weber State University

March 12, 2019

Very pleased to announce the next reading of RED DAYS will be held at Weber State University on Thursday, April 18th! I'm about to start working on its next draft, and then later this month I'm meeting with a real life environmental scientist to figure out more of the nuances and details surrounding the air quality here in the Salt Lake Valley…. And then (I love when there are so many steps!) I'll be meeting with dramaturgy students through the early weeks of April at Weber, incorporating their notes and questions into yet another draft, which will then have a public reading! I'm so pumped for this play to undergo another amazing development opportunity and I'm hoping to come out of the next few weeks with a much, much, much stronger draft. One that's ready for all the major Fall submission opportunities! Thank you Dr. Jennifer Kokai for thinking of me when planning you Spring dramaturgy class!

The exact time for the reading on the 18th will be figured out soon, so stay tuned for that. For now, keep that Thursday clear and be ready to hear a new play!

Happy Tuesday!

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