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52 Plays by Women Week 14

April 4, 2019

Tonight I'm seeing the final show in Plan B Theatre‘s 2018/19 season … OF COLOR! It's an evening of four new short plays by local artists of color. Two of the four plays in the line-up were written by women; DRIVER’S LICENSE, PLEASE by Olivia Custodio and AMERICAN PRIDE by Iris Salazar! The other two plays in this production are ROAR by Darryl Stamp and THE FRAILEST THING by Bijan Hosseini.

The evening features actors Jillian Joy, Brien Keith, Bryan Kido, Erika Ovuoba, Carlos Nobleza Posas and Yolanda Stange. And Plan B Theatre's Artistic Director, Jerry Rapier directed.

You're probably reading all this and thinking that you'd like to come on down and see the show too! It is an excellent line up, after all. You can try, but as of now the whole run is sold out! … OF COLOR runs through this Sunday, April 7th, with performances at 8pm tonight, Friday, and Saturday, with an additional 4pm show on Saturday, and a matinee at 2pm on Sunday.

If you just gotta get in, find out about the waitlist situation here. It is my belief that it is ALWAYS worth trying. Good luck getting in!

What plays have you read or seen this week?

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