Rachel Bublitz


52 Plays by Women Week 15

April 10, 2019

Another week, another awesome play written by a woman! This week for 52 Plays By Women, week 15, I read ESTHER CHOI AND THE FISH THAT DROWNED by Stephanie Kyung Sun Walters. Reading this so close to reading ANNIE JUMP AND THE LIBRARY OF HEAVEN by Reina Hardy was especially exciting. More coming of age stories about young women! Here's my recommendation posted on the New Play Exchange:

” This play would be so devastating if it weren't for the incredible humor Walters uses throughout for levity. What this does to me instead, is create these intense moments of juxtaposition where my need to laugh and cry crash on top of one another. Would love to see this produced!”

ESTHER CHOI AND THE FISH THAT DROWNED will be developed further this summer with PlayPenn! I'm excited to hear what comes next for this play, and to read more from Stephanie Kyung Sun Walters.

What have you read lately?

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