Rachel Bublitz


First Peek at Art for THE NIGHT WITCHES

April 12, 2019

Graphic image for THE NIGHT WITCHES. Graphic by Sarah Garrett

It's ALMOST summer, which means it's ALMOST time for the production of my second commissioned play with the Egyptian Youtheatre, THE NIGHT WITCHES! As we're gearing up and getting ready, (the reading of the second draft is happening this coming Tuesday!) I wanted to share this awesome graphic to get everyone excited about the show. I know it's getting me excited! Want to know more about the play? Here's the synopsis:

"The first women to fly in combat flew for Russia during the second world war, they were known as the Night Witches. They flew in planes made of canvas and wood, and dropped their bombs on their German enemy every fifteen minutes during the night to keep them from sleeping. Using movement, song, and lyrically styled dialogue we follow these brave women through one evening during the war.”

And and and, if you know of any young theater lovers in or near Park City, sign-ups are happening now for the week long workshop to develop THE NIGHT WITCHES further this summer! Alexandra Harbold, the director of the play, and myself will lead the workshop. Find out more about this workshop and the other summer camps offered by the Egyptian Youtheatre here: www.egyptiantheatrecompany.org/youtheatre.

We will be announcing venue and date details for the world premiere of THE NIGHT WITCHES soon, so check back! This isn't a play to miss.

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