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52 Plays by Women Week 16, a Twofer

April 18, 2019

This week I get to see not one, but TWO readings of plays written by women! On Monday I attended a table reading of Jennifer Kokai‘s new play, SINGING TO THE BRING SHRIMP, which will have its World Premiere production next February with Plan-B Theatre. It's a highly imaginative, clever, and funny script that I can't wait to see brought to life. Here's my recommendation on the New play Exchange, which I posted after reading this script last year:

"This is such a hilarious and zany play! I love the Brine Shrimp and the music used throughout. It's highly theatrical, with painfully realistic characters and situations. Kokai has zeroed in on a playwright's worst nightmare with SINGING TO THE BRINE SHRIMP, and I cringed and laughed all the way through. I am really excited to see this play developed further.”

Also up for this week, I'm seeing a reading of a new play by Tira Palmquist called THE WAY NORTH. THE WAY NORTH will be performed through Pioneer Theatre Company's Play-By-Play Reading Series tomorrow April 19th at 7:30, and Saturday April 20th at both 2pm and 7:30. Tickets for the reading run $10 each, or $5 if you're a Pioneer Theatre Company subscriber. Here's a synopsis for THE WAY NORTH:

"When a lost, cold and very pregnant young woman stumbles on to her rural homestead in the Minnesota wilderness, Freddy Hansen doesn't hesitate to take her in. It's the right thing to do, and as the county's former Sheriff, Freddy has dedicated her life to protecting and serving others. But when her new guest turns out to be a Sudanese refugee making a run for the Canadian border, what it means to protect and serve becomes a more complicated, and far more dangerous, question.”

I've heard a ton of good things about this play, I am really excited to hear it tomorrow night. If you love new awesome plays and want to come out for the reading, you can buy your tickets for any of the performances right here!

Really loving this weekly reminder to read or see something written by a woman, if you haven't yet, be sure to check out 52 Plays By Women!

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