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52 Plays by Women Week 17

April 27, 2019

This has been an amazing week of collaboration, rewrites, and little sleep, and I'll go into all that in a later post after my brain has had time to settle… Because in addition to working hard in this first week of RIPPED rehearsal at Z Space, I saw some Bay Area theater during some of my nights off!…

Thursday night I caught ACTUALLY by Anna Ziegler at Aurora Theatre Company in Berkeley. I've heard a lot about this play, and so I was so glad to finally get to see it. It's running through May 5th, in this Bay Area Premiere, if you haven't yet had a chance to check it out!

And last night, I'm not sure these count as plays, but what the hey, I caught one of my FAVORITE annual shows Killing My Lobster‘s 826 + KML = BFF's. Killing My Lobster partners with 826 Valencia to teach kids how to write sketch comedy, which is then performed by adult actors, and it NEVER disappoints. The 13 kids ranging from 8 to 11, helped along by head writers Gina Bardi and Carla Lee, put together a hilarious hour show which you can still catch today, the 27th, at 2pm and 5pm, as well as tomorrow the 28th at 2pm. When I lived here I brought my kids and they were (and still ARE) obsessed with this show. So grab your favorite child and head over to the Creativity Theater and get your giggles on…. Please only bring children that you have permission to bring.

Now I've got to go catch my plane. Get ready to hear all about my best week ever at Z Space and how fantastic the world premiere of RIPPED is shaping up to be.


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