Rachel Bublitz


52 Plays by Women Week 18

May 4, 2019

Just finished reading a hilarious and amazing play for week 18 of 52 Plays by Women, Priapus Pie: An American Tragedy by Stacey Rose! It is such a well crafted and funny play. You should read it too! And produce it! Preferably somewhere near me…. Here's my full recommendation from the New Play Exchange:

"I am in love with this play. It is devious, devastating, delicious, and above all hilarious. The theatricality jumping through memories, fantasies, and the actual events of the evening is so well crafted. The play moves along at a fantastic pace, and I know about 100 actresses who would love to jump into the role of Alice Johnson. If you're looking for a dark comedy for your season look no further! Highly recommend!”

The use of pie in this story was especially wonderful, and this is coming from a devoted pie lover and maker. So go give it a read!

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