Rachel Bublitz


TOXIC Production With Wasatch Theatre Company

May 13, 2019

My one-act play TOXIC will join the line-up for Wasatch Theatre Company‘s annual Page to Stage short play production! Very excited to see this one-act fully up on its feet. I wrote it a few years ago for a specific festival, and when it wasn't selected have had a hard time finding it a home. But no more! Here's a synopsis for TOXIC:

"Football is life, and boys are men in this twenty minute one act about gender roles. Chris is having a day the worst day of his young life, he’s been dumped by his girlfriend, and is possibly kicked off the football team, when he accidentally hits a raccoon. When he discovers the animal is dead everything proves too much and Chris falls to pieces, which prompts Brandon, his best friend and most true worshiper, to follow suit. Because if the star of your life isn’t a star, what does that make you? Toxic is a fast ride about status, masculinity, and how people are and are not allowed to behave.”

TOXIC will join other short plays by local Utah writers, be sure to check back for those titles and playwrights! Also coming: audition dates, production dates, our director, and more more more!

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