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52 Plays by Women Week 21

May 21, 2019

Another double play week for me! I flew out to San Francisco for the opening of RIPPED at Z Space (we open this Saturday, May 25th!), and had lots of time on my flight to read some new plays on the New Play Exchange for 52 Plays By Women! I read THE LAST RING by Ashley Lauren Rogers, and HYANNIS by Kari Bentley-Quinn. Two very different plays, one, THE LAST RING, about women wrestlers, the other, HYANNIS, about addiction, love, and relationships. I laughed, I cried, I worried the person next to me on the flight. But that's okay!

Here's my recommendation for THE LAST RING:

"There is so much excitement and life in this play! It would be incredible to see this fully realized, wrestling ring and all. THE LAST RING has some fantastic roles for women who are ready to get sweaty and rough on stage. Really well done.”

Read THE LAST RING for yourself right here!

And here's my recommendation for HYANNIS:

"This is a beautiful and gut wrenching play about love, family, addiction, and what happens when all three intersect. It had me in tears multiple times reading it off the page. Each character is so full and complex. I was grabbed from the very first page. Would love to see this produced. Excellent work.”

And read HYANNIS here!

Reading, seeing, and hearing all these plays has just been the best! What have you been reading lately?

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