Rachel Bublitz


Interviews and Count Down to RIPPED Opening Night

May 23, 2019

Opening night for RIPPED is only TWO flipping days away. Can you believe? We are in previews tonight and tomorrow, and last I heard opening night is thisclose to completely selling out! If I were you I would be racing over to www.zspace.org/rippedshow and getting my tickets pronto.

I was also interviewed by Lily Janiak with the SF Chronicle, check that out here, or pick yourself up today's paper! I love the title of the article Lily wrote, “The radical openness of playwright Rachel Bublitz.” This whole thing continues to be a crazy and wonderful dream!

And and and I also had the chance to chat with playwright Kenneth Jones, and you can read that interview from his blog here!

And I did more interviews! There will be more articles on their way soon….

In the meantime, get your tickets! If you see it this week be sure to say hello to me! I'll be the playwright hiding in the corner.

Happy almost opening!

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