Rachel Bublitz


Closing Night of RIPPED

June 15, 2019

Tonight is your LAST chance.

Tonight is closing night of Z Space‘s world premiere production of RIPPED. To say I'm proud of this production doesn't even begin to cover it…. This is my first experience where what I imagined when writing was vastly surpassed by its production. My fellow artists eclipsed my imagination! When does that ever happen? I count myself as one of the luckiest playwrights, and this whole journey is one that I will cherish throughout my career. And we're closing tonight. This beautiful, funny, intense, urgent show will only exist in our memories after tonight. That's why you HAVE to see it tonight, because if you don't, you won't even get to keep that memory. Because it's theater, and it lives in a moment, and then it's gone. It's my favorite and least favorite part of this form that I love… No, I'm not crying, there's just something in my eye…. (okay, maybe I'm crying just a little)…

Giant buckets of thank you's to all the fantastic artists involved: Lisa Steindler (director), Maya Herbsman (intimacy director), Rose Oser (creative producer), Krystle Piamonte (Lucy), Edwin Jacobs (Bradley), Daniel Chung (Jared), Colm McNally (set and lighting designer), Camille Simoneau (assistant lighting designer), Christina Dinkel (costume designer), Hannah Clague (props designer), Christina Hogan (stage manager), Kat Cuchiara-Armstrong (production assistant), Lorenzo Fernandez-Kopec (photographer), and Kara Frame (poster design). Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!…


It has been a joy and a pleasure to collaborate with you. This has been a dream of a production. Happy closing, my hearty congratulations to you all. I hope you are as proud and fulfilled as I am.

Tonight is our final show. This is your last chance. Get it in your memories, folks. GET IT IN THERE!

I believe there are still tickets, but I do know we're filling up fast: www.zspace.org/rippedshow.

What are you waiting for??? Go and get your tickets!

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