Rachel Bublitz


New Work Up on Monologue Bank and Hitting the Road

June 21, 2019

Hey hey! I've got three more monologues up on MonologueBank, bringing my total of available monologues up to nine! As of this week you're able to download BLUE, THE RED TRUCK, and, one monologue from my recently premiered play, RIPPED.

So, if you are an actor looking for new material to audition with, be sure to check these out on MonologueBank! And feel free to use discount code BUBLITZ50 for half-off any purchase you make of my work (good for two purchases).

In other news, non-play/theater related news, I am hitting the road! I leave today for a two-ish week road trip with my family. Which means today through July 8th I may be hard to reach… If you email or message me, be patient with my replies please!

Happy Friday!

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