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Getting Busy This Week

July 29, 2019

This has been an incredibly busy summer for me, filled with theater and family. But this week takes the busy cake.

I have an application due that I've been working on nearly non-stop for the past two weeks. It includes a treatment for a new (soon to be announced!) large cast play for high school. Today on the docket is, get feedback from a friend who read it over the weekend, figure out how to use the feedback, take one final pass through, and then finally upload that puppy. It's over thirteen pages long and tracks a giant cast. I really really want this workshop, so everyone fingers crossed that I get it submitted with everything in order before midnight EST tonight.

Day after tomorrow I go on what I think/hope will be my last work trip of the summer. I'm heading to North Hollywood for a reading of RIPPED in The Road Theatre Company‘s Summer Playwrights Festival 10. The festival kicked off last night, and runs through August 4th. I highly recommend you check it out! Here's the info for my reading:

RIPPED, Thursday, August 1st | 8pm @ The Road on Lankershim Written By Rachel Bublitz
Directed By Lauren Murphy Yeoman

Monique Gelineau as Lucy
Chase Cargill as Jared
Ben Theobold as Bradley
Christine Joelle as Stage Directions

After 2.5 days in California, I race back to Utah for the opening of THE NIGHT WITCHES! THE NIGHT WITCHES will run in the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, produced and commissioned by the Egyptian YouTheatre.

THE NIGHT WITCHES, directed by Alexandra Harbold, runs August 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th, and 11th, at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. Click here for tickets!

As an extra fun pile-on of work, I have a new play I'm trying to crank out a first draft of over the next two weeks. The first draft is officially due September 1st (I already scheduled actors to read it September 2nd!), but I need to get a running start now (with secret hopes that I race all the way to the finish line before we're too far into August).

And I'll need to write my new large cast high school play, with or without acceptance into the very exciting workshop. This draft will also be due early this Fall.

And RIPPED will soon have auditions (and rehearsals!) for the Good Company Theatre Company production coming up this September.

And and and I'm teaching TWO classes at Weber State University come Fall, and need to get on creating syllabi and all that fun stuff.

…. It seems I've wandered far from the things sitting on my plate for just this week. But you get the point, I'm busy! Thrilled, honored, and very excited by all these things, of course, but busy all the same.

Okay! Time to get to work.

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