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Brand New Terrifying Play

August 28, 2019

I think I've probably said this every single freaking time I've finished a first draft of something… It's exciting/terrifying, nerve wracking, maybe brilliant, dang it makes me nervous…. But this time…. This play takes the whole entire freaking cake/pie/bakery.

Back in February I was chatting up a theater who was interested in reading my plays for a spot in their season. They said to complete their season they're were looking for a comedic two-hander. Great email, right? We need X, we're hoping you have it. But, sadly, I did not. And it got me thinking about why I didn't have it. A comedic two-hander seems like it could be a sort of calling card, an easily produceable play that could help launch you in popularity. So after letting them know I didn't have what they were looking for, my brain started to crank around on this question: If I wrote a comedic two-hander what would it be?

I wanted it to be not romantic. I wanted it to center on two women, friends. I wanted it to be, in a way, a slice of life, a peek at a wonderful friendship. But what about subject? Content? What's the question I want to ask? I had nothing.

So my brain kept cranking away.

Then abortion laws started to change overnight. Which shined a light on a ton of already in place law that had already been limiting choices for people with uteri. And all of that was getting me pretty pissed off. I wanted to write about that. About what that was going to mean if these laws started to snow ball and start limiting things on a national level. And then I put the two together…. A two-hander comedy about abortion.

I get what you're going to say, a comedy about abortion is going to be a tough sell and completely erase all the benefit of writing a comedic two-hander to begin with. To that I say, probably. But also, I can write that play another time. I had to write this play. I had to write this play now.

It is most likely incredibly offensive. I sent it to a good friend to read, my usual first sounding board and his first response to it was: “It's a punch in the face,” which got me happy dancing since that was exactly what I was going for. I also want it to be loving, hilarious, dangerous, silly…. It was fun to write thinking of some of my closest friends and how far I know we would go for one another.

An so! Without further adieu… My newest full length play is titled:


(The title alone is stomach-knot inducing!)

The synopsis:

"Monroe finds herself knocked up, and since abortions are illegal in the United States, she throws a surprise abortion party with her best friend Jade. Monroe prepares over twenty at home abortion options for them to sort through, neither will walk away until they select the best of all of these terrible options. But that's not all! Come on down for juggling, a tap dancing number, and a horrific view at what our future may hold. A comedic two-hander in one scene.”

The first draft is up on New Play Exchange. I'll be wrestling it into shape over the next few weeks, with two (yes two!) table readings, and then sending it out for all the Fall big submission opportunities.

If you're curious go and give it a read! It won't bite, but it just might punch you in the face.

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