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CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS Available With Pioneer Drama Service!

September 10, 2019

Picture of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS cover art.


You can now head over to the Pioneer Drama Service website and not only buy many many copies of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS, you can also license a production!

I am over-the-moon, thrilled, pumped, excited, jazzed! I'm running around my uneven ceiling-ed office and whooping. This is my very first published full-length play! My very first published full-length play OF my very first full-length TYA play! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Go buy yourself a copy! Or twenty copies! I support all splurge purchasing!

Thank you again to Jamie Wilcox, the brilliant leader of the Egyptian YouTheatre for commissioning this play and giving it space to develop and grow. And thank you to the Egyptian YouTheatre staff and team that brought the first production to life! Thank you Alicia Washington for directing, and thank you to the entire first cast! I hope everyone involved in that first production had as much fun as I did. I'm so excited that more folks from all around will now get the chance to join in on this fun!

Thank you Pioneer Drama Service for saying yes, and taking on this title! And to the whole team who worked on this play, getting it ready for this publication.

And now, dear readers, I want to thank you too! Thank you in advance for buying my play! So……. GO PURCHASE YOURSELF YOUR VERY OWN COPY! And tell all the drama teachers in your life about this spunky, silly, sci-fi play!

Click here for the order link!

Picture of CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS cover art.

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