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Shows I Wish I Was in the Bay Area to See

September 25, 2019

There is a metric ton of amazing shows happening in the Bay Area right now, and I am green green green with jealousy living so far away. Checking in on social media has been torture, seeing all the posts of things I can't see. Sigh. But maybe you can see them in my absence? Maybe you MUST see them in my absence…

Killing My Lobster‘s Model Minority Report, directed by Phil Wong, runs September 26th-28th at PianoFight, and October 4th and 5th at Dragon Theatre. This show is about to sell out too! So get on these tickets ASAP.

Shotgun Players’ production of THE FLICK by Annie Baker runs now through October 6th at Ashby Stage in Berkeley. I love this script, which won the Pulitzer in 2014, and I've heard this production is not to be missed.

Awesome Theatre presents the world premiere of LET'S KILL JESSICA by Claire Ann Rice, a hilarious playwright with a knack for twisted stories about seemingly ordinary people. They open this Thursday the 26th (yes, as in tomorrow!) and run through November 14th at PianoFight, at 9pm. If you like funny, murder, or both, this is a a show for you! Claire has a way with both.

Aurora Theatre Company‘s Bay Area Premiere of EXIT STRATEGY by Ike Holter closes this Sunday!

Cutting Ball Theater just opened the world premiere of the commissioned play FREE FOR ALL by one of my all-time favorite people/writers Megan Cohen. It's an adaptation of MISS JULIE, developed with and directed by another one of the best people, Ariel Craft.

The final show I'm itching to see is one that I actually will get too! Yay! It's the only one that'll overlap with my trip in early November when I'm out for the Theatre Bay Area Awards! San Francisco Playhouse just opened DANCE NATION by Clare Barron. I've heard amazing things about this script, been purposely not reading it in hopes I could see it first, and I love love love the cast they've put together (which includes Krystle Piamonte from RIPPED, and other local favorites of mine Michelle Talgarow and Indiia Wilmott). Thank you for being the only show thoughtful enough to coordinate with my schedule. Ha.

If you're in the Bay Area, please go see this work!!!

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