Rachel Bublitz


Announcing Third Commission From Egyptian YouTheatre

September 27, 2019

Jamie Wilcox and the Egyptian YouTheatre are bringing me back for a third commission! Premiering in October of next year, THE SUMMER I HOWLED, thank you to Megan Cohen, yet again, for being a brilliant sounding board and a friend with a knack for fantastic word combinations. THE SUMMER I HOWLED is a full-length horror comedy about growing up, Summer Camp, and werewolves. I've been working out outlines and treatments for the play since this past July, and next week I'll be diving into the first draft.

Similar to CHEERLEADERS VS. ALIENS and THE NIGHT WITCHES I will have about a year to tinker and rewrite, and a Summer workshop to fine-tune with a cast and director.

The cast will be another mega-sized one, at twenty. Throughout this script I'll be sprinkling in scary around-the-camp-fire stories. It's been a hoot to be gathering monster and ghost legends to include in these moments on top of all of the werewolf research. My dreams have been on the spooky side for months.

The first reading is coming up at the end of October, be sure to check back to hear more announcements about the play and its development!


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