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Ground and Field Festival Wrap Up

October 10, 2019

Home again, home again! I was out in the big wide world last week for a workshop production of BURST in Davis, California, and what a fantastic experience it was! This was Ground & Field Theatre Festival‘s third year, a product of UC Davis’ Department of Theatre and Dance, and Ensemble Theatre & Dance. Centered on sustainability as well as environmental and/or social issues and themes, the Ground & Field Theatre Festival is a few months worth of workshops, rehearsals, readings, and performances. It was wonderful to be surrounded in theater for a week, in the making of and the seeing. Chats and connections made with new potential collaborators was also great. You know what else? Davis has really delicious Thai food. So, pretty much an amazing time all around.

The other works being fully realized on the stage for the 2019 Ground & Field Theatre Festival included:

original book by Kyle Holms
music and lyrics by David Taylor Gomes
directed and choreographed by Mindy Cooper

conceived and directed by Marc Eardley
book and lyrics by Jay Falzone
music by Matt Gumley
based on the novel by K.L. Going

by Sarah Vander Schaaff
directed by Danika Sudik

And of course….

by Rachel Bublitz (ME!)
directed by Danika Sudik

My cast, Danielle Levin (Jennifer Weaver), Jennifer Grace (Sarah Boyd), and Aubrey Schoeman (Alexis Lyons), and my brilliant director, gave me so much to think about and tinker with in developing the play further. But maybe the most exciting part was being in the audience as they experienced revelations and discoveries. Little things I planted in the opening ten minutes that hit hard in the final ten. It was very exciting. I'm also excited to see where BURST moves on from here! I'm in talks about this play with a few places, so keep your ears out for news, and your fingers crossed for good luck.

If you're out looking for a three person powerhouse of a play with simple production needs, check BURST out on the New Play Exchange, or email me for a perusal copy of the script!

AND if you're reading all this thinking you might want to get involved with Ground & Field, check them out! They take submissions in the late winter/early spring and I highly recommend attending this annual festival.

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