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More Than 52 Plays by Women

October 11, 2019

Hip hip hooray! I met and exceeded reading and/or seeing 52 Plays By Women this year!

Play #51:

I read A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein by Mathilde Dratwa on the New Play Exchange. It's incredible to say the least. Here's my recommendation:

"“You know, I spent my twenties having sex with boys to be polite. Because it was easier than saying no.”

"This line, along with SO many other lines of Dratwa's play knocked me on my ass. This play is hilarious, cutting, fiercely theatrical, tragic, disgusting, disturbing, and so so so much more. It would be a creative feat all around to produce, and I would travel many miles to see it. Please read this play, please produce this play.”

Play #52:

Another read from the New Play Exchange (seriously, seriously, seriously get on New Play Exchange ASAP! So many great plays to check out…): delicacy of a puffin heart by Stefani Kuo, which was an finalist for the 2019 Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, and is painful and beautiful. Here's my full recommendation:

"This play is masterfully woven. Relationships, identity, love, loss, and time, circle and wrap each scene like poetry. The loneliness is enhanced with the joy of the characters and vice versa. Would love to see this beautiful play realized on stage.”

Play #53:

Caught a performance of Sarah Vander Schaaff‘s SUSTAIN ME at the Ground & Field Theatre Festival last Saturday. This one-act is a touching and funny look at our loneliness and how difficult sustaining anything is these days. It is not yet up on the New Play Exchange, but it hopefully will be soon.

And and and tomorrow night I will see play #54 at Weber State University! They're producing Kate Hamill‘s adaptation SENSE AND SENSIBILITY by Jane Austin, directed by Jennifer Kokai.

How many shows can I squeeze into the rest of the year? Stay tuned to find out!

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