Rachel Bublitz


First Reading of THE SUMMER I HOWLED

October 29, 2019

Tonight I get to hear my weird and messy first draft of THE SUMMER I HOWLED up in Park City with the good folks at the Egyptian YouTheatre. I'm equal parts excited and nervous. I know there are many kinks to work out, but I also am eager to hear the laughs and see where I'm already on the right track. And, to add to the exciting aspect, my daughter has volunteered to be one of the readers tonight! She was very excited by the premise of the play, and told me she wanted to audition for the play before I'd even finished the first draft. It's pretty awesome when you're not boring to your kids.

Okay! To finish getting ready for tonight, which is mostly just trying to stay warm… Snow came early to Salt Lake (and even more up in Park City), out my window it's still coming down pretty good outside. Guess I'm going trick or treating with my kids in head to toe snow clothes this year! Woo!

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