Rachel Bublitz


Last Nights Reading Was a Hoot

October 30, 2019

Last night I trucked up the mountain to Park City to hear the first draft of THE SUMMER I HOWLED, my brand new werewolf summer camp horror comedy for high schools. The readers really related to the characters and were ALL IN on the story line. It was really fun to sit in the new Egyptian YouTheatre Black Box, which is nearly ready, to hear it as well, as this is where it'll be preformed next year.

Another highlight was having my daughter with me, as a reader. She was assigned to read stage directions, and took to them happily even though she'd spent our drive up wonder which of the characters she'd get to read for, hoping hoping hoping she'd get her favorite. It was a proud momma moment for sure. AND I think I know how to cut out thirty pages and 5 characters AND up the spooky at the same time!

Weeeeeeeee…. Can't wait to dive into rewrites. Rewrites are the best. They are, and don't tell anyone I said this, so so so much better than first drafts.

Halloween 2020, I am coming for you!

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