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So Much Love for the Z Space Production of RIPPED

January 9, 2020

I was treated to a few wonderful surprises as 2019 came to a close… The Z Space production of RIPPED landed on THREE Best of 2019 Bay Area Theatre lists!!!!! Here's what folks had to say:

“The Best Bay Area Theater of 2019” by Nicole Gluckstern on KQED Arts

"Show Most Likely to Provoke Intense Debate: “Ripped” by Rachel Bublitz at Z Space

"The genius of “Ripped” is that of all the plays I saw this year, this one kept me questioning my own reactions to it, even six months later. This play—which had a notable reading at Z Space’s 2018 inaugural Problematic Play Festival—invited debate with its daring excavation of the “gray” areas of intent, consent and reliable witness, directed in a taut, compelling production by Lisa Steindler.”

“2019 was a bold year for Bay Area theater — here’s the best of what we saw” by Sam Hurwitt on Mercury News

”“Ripped,” Z Space: The sheer rawness of Rachel Bublitz’s world premiere drama made it brutally appropriate to its thorny subject matter of campus sexual assault and the uncomfortable gray areas of consent (also the subject of “Actually” at Aurora), deftly unfolding what happened through a fractured, nonlinear structure.”

“Wrapping up the final year of the decade, and the Drama Guy’s Top 10 of ’19” by David John Chávez on Bay Area Plays

"Take everything you most certainly believe about sexual assault and then watch Bublitz’ scintillating production of “Ripped.” If you are anything like me, you will see your thoughts dancing anywhere and everywhere.

"The brilliance of this production, a crisp 80 minutes with no intermission, is that it takes concepts that we as a society believe to be black and white and loads them with a ton of grey. The performances from Krystle Piamonte, Edwin Jacobs and Daniel Chung were bold, and the sure-handed direction of Steindler was superb.”

I needed a lot of pinching last month.

Now it's back to the hustle, trying to get more more more productions lined up for RIPPED! Which all of the above articles may help with!

And if any of those glowing statements got you interested, find RIPPED on the New Play Exchange (where it has 30 recommendations!), or email me, and I can send your a perusal copy of the script.

As luck would have it, I'm in the finalizing phase of more good news for RIPPED, so be sure to check back to see if maybe it's coming to a theater near you!

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