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RIPPED Wins 2020 Glickman Award

February 19, 2020

Yesterday felt like a pretty normal day. I went on a freezing 3 mile walk in the morning, was nose deep in fascinating/frustrating internet research (more on that later) most of the afternoon, and I got to announce the great news that THE NIGHT WITCHES will be published by Dramatic Publishing. So wonderful, but also, things I knew about.

And then I got my daughter from school. And we got home, she was having a snack and getting ready for swimming. And I got a call on my phone. It was from a mysterious number, which most of the time I won't answer, BUT it was a San Francisco area code and so I took the chance….

And I was told RIPPED had been awarded the 2020 Glickman Award!

Every year a panel of leading Bay Area Critics get together and pick the best new play to premiere in the region, and I can't yet put into words how overjoyed I am that my play was selected. I'm still in shock, and tear up when I remember that it happened!

By the way, the first thing my daughter, Audrey, asked me when I told her the amazing news after the call was, “Where's the trophy?” She really really likes trophies.

I will most likely be out April 20th to receive the award at the Theatre Bay Area Conference held at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, but more about that once travel is figured out. For now, WOW WOW WOW WOOHOO YAY AHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

GIANT THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone who helped bring this play to life:

Everyone at Z Space!
Lisa Steindler, my brilliant director!
Maya Herbsman, for keeping everyone safe with her intimacy directing.
The insanely talented actors who brought my characters to life; Daniel Chung, Krystle Piamonte, and Edwin Jacobs.
The brilliant designers and design team who totally knocked it out of the park and surpassed my dreams; Colm McNally (lighting and set), Camille Simoneau (assistant lighting), Sara Huddleston (sound), Christina Dinkel (costumes), Hannah Clague (props).
Our kick-ass stage manager Christina Hogan!
Our production assistant who can make angry cleaning noises like no one else, Kat Cuchiara-Armstrong!
And the creative producer Rose Oser, who also happens to be the first person at Z Space to read my script, and one of my greatest champions through all of this.

AND, for everyone out there thinking that maybe, just maybe, they should bring the award winning play RIPPED to their theater, YOU ARE CORRECT! You absolutely should!!! Email me for a perusal copy of the script or find the latest draft on the New Play Exchange.

And please read the San Francisco Chronicle article announcing the good news! It gives more information about the Glickman Award, which by the way started the year I was born!!!! It feels a little bit like it was meant to be.

Happy Wednesday!!

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