Rachel Bublitz


FUNNY, LIKE AN ABORTION - a double semi-finalist

April 7, 2020

Pleased to announce FUNNY, LIKE AN ABORTION was a semi-finalist for TWO things! Playwrights Foundation named the play a semi-finalist for the Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and B Street Theatre for their annual comedy festival! Playwrights Foundation even wrote me a recommendation on the New Play Exchange:

"Playwrights Foundation enthusiastically recommends this play FUNNY, LIKE AN ABORTION, as a Semi-Finalist for the Bay Area Playwrights Festival 2020. We were moved by the quality of the writing and the relevant and compelling themes that spoke to the mission of our festival. It excelled in a competitive process of 735 plays submitted this year and rose to the top after a six month long process discussing its merits with both national and local Bay Area readers, and we hope it moves swiftly towards production.”

I wrote the first draft of FUNNY, LIKE AN ABORTION in a quick fury late last summer, and it's so wonderful to see it doing well right out of the gate. I'm excited to get back in a room with humans, eventually, and work more on this play. It has a lot of promise, and a very funny/scary couch in it.

Curious about the couch? You can read FUNNY, LIKE AN ABORTION right this minute on the New Play Exchange! Or email me for a perusal copy.

I hope you are well, and cared for, and safe. Won't it be great when us humans can get together again? Happy Tuesday!

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