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The Subtext: Excerpts From a Lost Spring

April 23, 2020

The days are long and the days are weird. I know yesterday and today I've spent trying to climb out of giant sad hole in the ground, while trying to stay SO positive to help my kids climb out of their sad holes and it's just hard. But, even with the sad holes, there are a number of bright spots along the way… And one of those was just published today…

The Subtext, a podcast from American Theatre, by playwright Brian James Polak, in which Brian interviews playwrights, took a different approach this month. Brian tracked down canceled shows and used this month's episode to shine a light on them. The world premiere of the full-length version of THE NIGHT WITCHES was canceled, like so many other shows, and I am really proud to have a monologue from it in this episode. Abigail Knighton is my actor, who would have played the role of Marta in the premiere had it gone on, and she was directed by the intended director of the production, Alexandra Harbold. It is so amazing to help boost up artists, and I appreciate it so much it may bring on tears anyway… Seems my emotions will not be thwarted. Anyway…..

The Subtext: Excerpts From a Lost Spring is chock full of great talent, here's the full line-up:

Beowulf: Her Story by James Kenna, performed by Grace Fojtik
a hit dog will holler by Inda Craig-Galvan, performed by Cheri VandenHeuvel
Life on the Moon by Anna Tatelman, performed by Dan Johnson and Kathryn Mahard
Town Hall by Caridad Svich, performed by Taylor Wisham
Dhaba on Devon Avenue by Madhuri Shekar, performed by Anish Jethlamani
Emma by Kate Hamill, performed by Amelia Pedlow
Fabulous Monsters by Diana Burbano, performed by Shanelle Garcia and Julianna Stephanie Ojeda
The Night Witches by Rachel Bublitz, performed by Abigail Knighton
Bender and Brian by Trish Harnetiaux, performed by Jacob A. Ware
The Agency by Lia Romeo, performed by Ella Dershowitz
Notes & Letters by Annabelle Revak, performed by Annabelle Revak
Princess Clara of Loisaida by Matt Barbot, performed by Annie Henk
Where the Mountain Meets the Sea by Jeff Augustin, performed by Allan Washington
A Doll’s House by Emily Endinger, performed by Patricia Noonan and Mairin Lee
The Refuge Plays by Nathan Alan Davis, performed by Heather Alicia Simms

Click here to listen to the whole episode! Then think about heading over to the New Play Exchange and giving some of these playwrights love. I know it's on my to-do list.

Hope you have a healthy Thursday!

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