Rachel Bublitz


45th Annual Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival

June 10, 2020

Exciting news: MY BODY has been selected as a top 30 play in Concord Theatrical‘s 45th Annual Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival!

I've been applying to this festival for years and years, and I am THRILLED to have been selected this year. This year is a bit different than typical years, because there won't be an actual production of the play in New York City (cool, cool, cool Coronavirus), but they will still be selecting the top six plays and those will still be published in an anthology! I've been lucky enough to be working with some local fabulous Salt Lake artists for a Zoom rehearsal of the play, and we'll be meeting next week for a socially distanced (but in person!) rehearsal. I have until the end of the month to send the final draft in for consideration. No big deal, will just be going every word and punctuation with a fine tooth comb.

The list is full of amazing playwrights I'm familiar with, as well as new names to me! Will be planning a New Play Exchange dive of the whole top thirty soon! Find the full line up, and other info on all the plays and playwrights right here.

Happy Wednesday!

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