Rachel Bublitz


The Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival Announces This Week

August 19, 2020

I learned back in May that my short play MY BODY was selected as one of the 30 finalists for The 45th Annual Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival and though this year was different than a typical festival (as in, no performance in New York City!), it's been such an honor to be finalist and fun to (virtually) get to know the other plays and playwrights.

This week the New Play Exchange had 15 of the finalists in their featured list, and next week the other 15 plays will be posted. I've had some time to check out some of the plays, and have been floored by the talent! I thought I might be intimidated reading through the other works, but it's just made me incredibly proud to have a work among them.

What happens now, you wonder? Well by the end of the week six plays will move forward and be published in an anthology by Concord Theatricals. I'm trying to stay cool and calm while I wait for the announcement and luckily I have a few other plates spinning to keep me distracted (more about those other plates tomorrow!). Somehow, out of nowhere, I'm kinda sorta busy? Friends, I’ take it.

But as YOU wait for the final six, take some time and read through all the finalists! Happy Wednesday, everyone! And happy reading!

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