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Remote Learning Radio Play with Plan-B Theatre!

August 27, 2020

Photos from recording PRESENTING: SUPER CAT & REPTILE ROBOT at Plan-B.
Photos from recording PRESENTING: SUPER CAT & REPTILE ROBOT as a radio play for Plan-B Theatre's 2020/21 Free Elementary School Tour. Top left: Talia Heiss (Ray), top right: Melissa Salguero (Cass), bottom right: Benjamin Young (Ray), and bottom left: Tyson Baker (Cass).

Time to grab a comfortable cushion and listen in with your favorite kid (or kids!) because PRESENTING: SUPER CAT & REPTILE ROBOT is now available to listen to from the comfort of your home!!!

Jerry Rapier, artistic director of Plan-B Theatre, asked me two years ago if I would be interested in writing a one-act for a school tour and I said YES! Did I know a global pandemic was going to throw a wrench in how we make theater? Absolutely not. But I've been blown away by the create ways everyone at Plan-B has worked together, and rethought everything they've done before for their annual Free Elementary School Tour to make this year's tour not only possible, but also accessible and pretty darn fun for kids from all over to participate!

Because NOT ONLY are there TWO incredible cast recordings (one with Benjamin Young as Ray and Tyson Baker as Cass, the other with Talia Heiss as Ray and Melissa Salguero as Cass), but there's also a (free!) downloadable study guide for parents or teachers complete with activities and coloring pages! Yes! A play I wrote has a coloring book… Check out the amazing art, designed by Katherine Jelte, with layout by Aaron Swenson:

PRESENTING: SUPER CAT & REPTILE ROBOT coloring page with all female cast.

PRESENTING: SUPER CAT & REPTILE ROBOT coloring page with all male cast.

HUGE and giant thank you's and social distanced hugs for everyone at Plan-B! Jerry Rapier for directing, to both of my rock-star casts, to the fantastic sound design by Cheryl Ann Cluff, to the great education coordinator Sharah Meservy! Everyone has rolled with all of this year's weird punches and put together something INCREDIBLE, and I'm beyond proud to share this with the world.

Want to listen in for yourself? Go to the remote learning section of the Plan-B website OR (better yet!) download the Plan-B Theatre app (for free!) and listen from your phone!

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