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A New Commission THE BOOK WOMEN with Stage Partners

May 11, 2021

Hello friends!

It has been a minute! Due to a fun combination of pandemic apathy, being way stressed and busy with my book, and enjoying an exciting computer melt down, I haven't blogging and sharing my writing joys and woes since 2020! Might be my biggest break since starting this blog in 2011! Wow! I have been blogging for almost TEN years now. Oy vey!

But enough about being away, I'm BACK now! And I have lots of fun news to share! Something that I am over-the-moon excited about is a brand new commission! Stage Partners (home for my work: I Said Run., The Red House Monster, and Holly, Jolly, & Extra Folly, a soon to come out collection of my short holiday plays) has asked me to write about the trailblazing librarians that delivered books via horseback to rural communities during the Great Depression. To be honest, I decided to say yes as soon as I heard they were known as “the Book Women.” Here's more:

The Book Women, working title

In the midst of the Great Depression, in a community crushed by the collapse of coal, and isolated by the very mountains they call home, a group of determined librarians take to their horses to reach the people of Eastern Kentucky. With a dedication equal to the US Postal Service, these “Book Women’’ deliver more than the books and magazines they carry in their saddlebags. They bring hope. They bring dreams. They bring the promise that if we support one another, tomorrow will be better.

Working through researching the project now, with a deadline of July 1st for my first draft. It feels so good to be working on a play again! It's like coming home. I'll talk more about how stressful and all-consuming writing a book has been for me, but just know plays are significantly more enjoyable for me to write.

If you'd like to be notified when this new play is available, please sign-up through Stage Partner's site by clicking right here!

More soon about this awesome project, and partnerships with theaters for development and first productions! So check back!

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