Rachel Bublitz


Shared History Podcast Guest

May 21, 2021

Back in April I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on the hilarious and historical podcast Shared History! Shared History is hosted by two actor/comedians out of Chicago, Cass Maher and Natalie Younger. You can listen in to my episode, Don't Call Me A Mouse, right here or wherever you partake in podcasts. We talk all about Nancy Wake and my play about her, Codename: White Mouse, which Cass and Natalie are awesome enough to even do a scene from in the podcast! It was a blast to hear a part of the play again, and to talk about Nancy Wake, one of my favorite people.

This all came about because last Spring Natalie reached out to get a copy of my other WWII play, The Night Witches for a living room read. Share History had just done an episode on the Night Witches and thought it would be a fun tie in. She reached out again this year to see if I had any desire to come on the podcast and I found out just how much I've been yearning for someone to ask me that question!

So tune in to my episode, then read the play over on the New Play Exchange. It's yet to be produced, but maybe that time is soon?

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