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Two Weekend Readings and a New Play

November 22, 2021

Hope November has been treating you well! I'm coming off a wonderful theater-packed weekend, a rare and joyous treat these days!

Saturday morning kicked off with a reading of Funny, Like An Abortion with PlayGround. Two amazing actors (thank you again Karen Offereins and Rosie Hallett!!) rocked the script and the Zoom room. I know I often ask a lot of actors, with my break-neck paced dialogue, and it is a delight when I have folks who not only understand my timing, but are able to deliver. I cannot wait for the developmental production scheduled for May of 2022 with the PlayGround Festival!!! We're scheduled for the 28th and 29th of May, both in person and online, at the Potrero Stage in San Francisco. And Giovanna Sardelli will be directing! Color me excited.

Also on Saturday I got to hear my new play for young performers Biz Town out loud for the first time ever. I had a mix of local Salt Lake actors and my kids’ friends. It was a HOOT and a HALF, let me tell you! We had to stop to catch our breaths from laughing too hard multiple times, and some of my younger guests wanted to smuggle the draft out so they could bring it to their future high school drama teacher. It's a 60 minute one scene play, with a flexible cast of 36, that can be doubled all the way down to a cast of 8. Here's the synopsis:

"An in-class adult-life simulation goes very wrong after the students throw the rules out and turn to lying, cheating, stealing, and kidnapping to earn more money and heart points than their peers. The bottom line is that the kid with the most heart points gets to pick the toppings for their pizza party, and that's too good a prize to not go dirty for. One Detective tries to uncover the criminals and set the town on a better path, but maybe Biz Town just can't play nice. Maybe it's just not built that way.”

I am SO EXCITED to send this play out, have already sent it off to a few theaters, but am also looking for any theater teachers that are on the hunt for new material. So, if you know of any, send them my way! Also, feel free to find the play on the New Play Exchange, or hit me up in an email, if you'd like a perusal draft: Rnbublitz@gmail.com. Eventually planning to send it along to publishers, once I get answers back on a few of my other projects I have under consideration. Fingers crossed all around.

Now for a semi-break! Doing a few edits on Funny, Like An Abortion, and then gearing up for a cold Thanksgiving in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, complete with baking pies, and either hiking in the Tetons or playing in the snow with my kids- depending on the weather!

I hope you have a relaxing week, filled with loved ones and delicious food!

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