Rachel Bublitz


Bring FUNNY, LIKE AN ABORTION to Your School

June 24, 2022

Today is the day that 50% of the population was denied federal protection to make their own damn choices for their own damn bodies. I'mm not sure I have the language to express my feelings on the matter. I do know that if I ended up pregnant I could easily fly away from Utah, have an abortion, and fly home. Because I have the money to do that. The privilege. I am devastated that this country has decided to not protect those who don't have that money, that privilege. I'm ashamed. I also feel deep down to my toes that this isn't the end game either. It may get a whole lot worse.

I know, I'm just a bucket of rainbows today.

Anyway, I did get my first request for a student production of Funny, Like An Abortion, and it made me realize that I want as many people as possible to produce this play, all across the country. SO! Any college student who wants to put this up as a reading or production, hit me up. If paying royalties is a barrier, we can work something out. Not a student, but still interested? Shoot me an email, let's talk.

My play is a call to action. Let's get loud.

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