Rachel Bublitz


Brand New Play in Plan-B Theatre's Script in Hand Series

July 22, 2022

I wrote a brand new play! My first play strictly for grown-ups since before the pandemic! Tip Top Triangle is the darkest of dark comedies. It's about pickleball, cults, pyramid schemes, fire, expectations of women, and hustle culture. Here's a synopsis (heads up: the word synopsis here is used pretty loosely in this case):

a business,
a book reading.
A scare-the-fudge-out-
of-you cult. Brainwashing.
Pyramid screaming and power
playing. A huge heaping side of girl-
bossing. 1,000 scrunchies. No, more. An
adult woman's weight in scrunchies. Leeches.
Judgment. Sub-urban mommy “I remove all the skin
off of grapes, why don’t you?” level of judgment. A ghost?
No. A spirit? No. We’re too afraid to ask. Something. And fire.
We must not forget to tell you about the fire. So much fire. Fistfuls of
fire. Buckets of fire. A literal garage on fire. Bring marshmallows. Bring hot
dogs. Bring cash. Bring blank checks. Bring credit cards. Bring your retirement fund.
Now, sit back. Grab a lawn chair, preferably not from the garage. Let’s sit and watch it all burn.

What can I say, sometimes the urge strikes to be cute and write a synopsis in the shape of a triangle and I guess I don't always fight it.

OH! AND! EXCITEMENT! This very new baby play will get a workshop and public reading in Plan-B Theatre's Script In Hand Series this September! September 24th at 8pm, to be exact. Janine Sobeck Knighton will direct! More details about tickets and the rest of the team, so stay tuned!

For now mark your calendars, and if you can't stand the wait, pop over to the New Play Exchange and give Tip Top Triangle a read!

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