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LET'S FIX ANDY in Salt Lake Acting Company's New Play Sounding Series

July 22, 2022

Promotional poster from the August 1st, 2022 reading of LET'S FIX ANDY at Salt Lake Acting Company.

Let's Fix Andy is getting a workshop and staged reading in Salt Lake Acting Company's New Play Sounding Series, and I am thrilled to get to go back to this story and these characters.

Salt Lake Acting Company has put together an A+ team for me to play with; Jason Bowcutt will direct, Janine Sobeck Knighton will dramaturg, and we'll have the acting talents of Tito Livas, Topher Rasmussen, Jordan Reynosa, Aidan Tappert, and Chris Curlett will read stage directions.

The reading of Let's Fix Andy will take place Monday, August 1st at 7pm at Salt Lake Acting Company. More about the play:

Andy’s best friends Logan, Marcus, and George, decide it’s time they step in after he’s been dumped by his long time girlfriend, to snap him out of his funk. Each armed with their own idea of what Andy needs, they drag him to the gym, the bar, and the woods. They can’t lose another friend. A play about friendship, body image, and feelings… Even the feelings we tell ourselves not to feel.

I've been working on this play for a years, it was a finalist for Playwright Foundation's Bay Area Theatre Festival, and has had more than one close call with getting produced. Hoping this reading will move the play closer to its World Premiere! If you're too far to make it to the reading here in Salt Lake, you can read Let's Fix Andy on the New Play Exchange!

And if you're close (or love to drive), what are you waiting for? Reserve tickets here!

Hope to see you there!

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