Rachel Bublitz


How Is 2023 Almost Here????

December 6, 2022

Time just won't quit, will it? It is somehow December, and 2023 will be here before we know it. I am excited (and a little scared) for next year, with two commissions officially on my calendar, a third in talks, two other scripts I hope to tackle, and a MASSIVE new project in line, it's going to be my busiest writing year since 2016, when I tried to write six new full-length plays! For the record, I ended up getting as far as five, and decided to actually spend the holidays with my family instead of strapping myself to my keyboard.

Will for sure be sharing the details and my progress on all these projects here on my blog, and also on my mostly monthly newsletter. If you want to stay in the know, be sure you sign up!

And send all the productive thoughts you can spare my way, I am going to need them!

More soon! Happy Tuesday!

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