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Two New Published Plays

July 14, 2023

Hello, blog readers! It's been a bit! I was held up with so much writing I couldn't find the time (or head space) to also blog, but I'm coming up for air to share some very exciting news: TWO new plays of mine are all set to be published!!! And both are for school-aged performers!

Blood & Sequins, my full-length prom murder mystery, is coming soon to Brooklyn Publishers! Here's the synopsis:

When the most popular kids from Salem High find themselves in an abandoned mansion on Prom night it doesn’t take long before they realize they’ve been duped in an elaborate revenge prank. But things move from annoying to terrifying when a girl drops dead from a poisoned Capri Sun. With no way out, they’re got to figure out who among them is the killer, or end up just as dead. A night to remember? More like a night they won’t ever be able to forget.

Blood & Sequins has a cast of 13, 11 female, 2 male, and runs about 90 minutes.

Also coming getting ready for publication…

The Summer I Howled, my full-length monster comedy, is coming soon to YouthPLAYS! Here's the synopsis:

Welcome to Camp Gray Pine where campers spend the summer soaking up nature, learning the importance of friendship, and this year, fighting the supernatural. When Woolf wanders into the woods with new-kid Max, neither of them realize they’re walking under a full moon, or what is creeping near them in the trees. Woolf is bit, forcing a divide among her friends. Is Woolf faking a curse? Or should they drop everything and seek out the witch rumored to live in these woods to cure her? Things get even stranger as more and more campers turn up suffering from a very different curse. Something spooky is happening at Camp Gray Pine, and Woolf and her friends need to get on the same page and fast: they’re the camp's only hope to get to the bottom of it. Pull up a log and lean close to the campfire, this story is better with s’mores.

The Summer I Howled has a cast of 16, 6+ female, 1+ male, and 9+ any, and runs about 90 minutes.

I will post when these titles are available for purchasing and licensing, so please do check back! If you just can't wait and would like an advance perusal pdf, send an [email my way](mailto: Rnbublitz@gmail.com). Other questions? I probably have answers, so you should also reach out!

Happy Friday!

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