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RIPPED Makes Best of 2023 Lists!

January 9, 2024

RIPPED poster from Loud Fridge Theatre 2023 production.

I am so proud that Ripped is still making waves! Loud Fridge Theatre Group‘s 2023 production in San Diego, California made it onto multiple “Best of” lists at the end of 2023! Woo-hoo!

RIPPED, by Rachel Bublitz was a compelling look at sexual assault, and how that experience is processed by everyone. Filled with nuanced performances by the cast Amira Temple, Marcel Ferrin, and Devin Wade, and excellent direction by Kate Rose Reynolds and John Wells III this show made an impression in January of 2023 that was not easily forgotten.”
~ErinMarie Reiter, Broadway World

"Loud Fridge Theatre Group made a lot of noise in its first full season of shows this year, beginning with this dark, shape-shifting play by former San Diego playwright Rachel Bublitz. The play, directed by company co-founders John Wells III and Kate Rose Reynolds, deals with the subjects of college date rape and consent, but the female victim in this story was so intoxicated she can’t remember the exact details. The messy gray areas of the relationship between these characters unfolds in non-linear fashion and leaves the audience guessing, and sometimes squirming with dread, to the end.”
~Pam Kragen, San Diego Union Tribune

And, to add a cherry to the cake, Loud Fridge Theatre Group's production of Ripped was also nominated for three San Diego Critics Circle Craig Noel Awards:

Outstanding Dramatic Production, Loud Fridge Theatre Group

Outstanding Direction, Kate Rose Reynolds and John Wells III

Outstanding Lead Performance in a Play, Amira Temple

Congratulations to everyone at Loud Fridge Theatre Group! Thank you for putting so much heart into my play, it is obvious that you produced an outstanding production.

If you're now desperate to get a copy of Ripped for yourself, or even apply for rights, never fear! Just click on through to Original Works Publishing where you can buy and license the script!

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