Rachel Bublitz


Clever Catherine

All ages
5-7, 1 she/her, 2 he/his, 2-4 any gender
30 minutes
Licensed By
Clever Catherine is available for purchase and/or licensing through YouthPLAYS.

When a farmer comes across a beautiful golden mortar and decides to present it to the King as a gift, despite his daughter Catherine’s warnings that the King will ask for a golden pestle to match. When the King learns of Catherine's uncanny predictions, it launches a series of riddles going back and forth between the two of them culminating in a royal marriage proposal for the clever girl. But if you marry a clever girl, you get a clever queen, and Catherine cannot help but meddle in the affairs of state. Now Catherine must use all her wits to save her marriage and prove to the King that he needs her to help him run the kingdom.

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