Rachel Bublitz


Holly, Jolly, & Extra Folly

Cover for the play collection "Holly, Jolly, & Extra Folly" with Stage Partners.

All ages
15-30 actors, doubling possible
75-90 minutes
Licensed By
Stage Partners.
Holly, Jolly, & Extra Folly is available for purchase and/or licensing through Stage Partners.

A ragtag medley of holiday plays set to delight readers and audiences alike.
Ranging from hilarious and rhyming to touching and sweet,
With a ghost story thrown in to keep you on your feet!

Collection includes:

Mom's Ham
Who's Got Christmas Spirit???
Santa's Old Friend
How Gretchen Stole Christmas
Warm the Bones
Reindeer Games
Oy, Oy, Oy, Merry Christmas!.

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