Rachel Bublitz


Of Serpents & Sea Spray

Production photo from world premiere at Custom Made Theatre Co. Maria Giere Marquis (Athena/Anika) and María Leigh (Iro), photo by Jay Yamada.

6 with doubling, 4f, 2m
90 minutes
New Play Exchange

Of Serpents & Sea Spray, tells the story of an orphan named Iro who is the subject of ridicule by other children and punishment by uncaring foster parents. During one of her many tours through solitary confinement in the closet, Iro’s imagination brings her a simple mission: find Pegasus. On her quest, taking with her only books and her imaginary friend Annika, Iro hides herself on an ocean liner, joins a circus, and has many other adventures… and along the way finds the truth about the death of her parents.

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