Rachel Bublitz


Operation Chicken Takeover

Cover art for "Operation Chicken Takeover" from Playscripts.

All ages
25-30 minutes
Licensed By
Operation Chicken Takeover is available for purchase and/or licensing through Playscripts.

Attention! General Snowflake rallies the chickens of the backyard for their most daring mission yet: To go inside the house while the humans are away. Even if the chicken troops are a little distracted by some delicious bugs, victory is certain, thanks to a tip from a vain beta fish - that is, until the nervous frog from the same aquarium has a word with the indoor cats. For Storm Cloud and Lightning, even the butter on the counter must wait until they figure out what to do. Could there ever be a truce or will fur and feathers fly? All of the animal ensemble shines in this comedy written especially for online performance.

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