Rachel Bublitz



World Premiere at Z Space. Krystle Piamonte (Lucy) and Edwin Jacobs (Bradley). Directed by Lisa Steindler. Photo by Lorenzo Fernandez-Kopec.

3; 1 she/her, 2 he/his
Eighty minutes.
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Original Works Publishing.
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Lucy goes to college. Lucy brings mace. No need for Lucy to actually use it, right? But something happened that wasn’t supposed to happen. Or did it? Oh well, Lucy must be having that quintessential college experience: drinking, boys, and being completely decimated by the people she trusts.

Rachel Bublitz’s “Ripped,” about a complicated sexual encounter on a college campus, won the 2020 Will Glickman Award for the best new play to premiere in the Bay Area in 2019.

‘Ripped’ by Rachel Bublitz wins 2020 Will Glickman Award, story in San Francisco Chronicle

The genius of “Ripped” is that of all the plays I saw this year, this one kept me questioning my own reactions to it, even six months later. This play—which had a notable reading at Z Space’s 2018 inaugural Problematic Play Festival—invited debate with its daring excavation of the “gray” areas of intent, consent and reliable witness, directed in a taut, compelling production by Lisa Steindler.

The Best Bay Area Theater of 2019 by Nicole Gluckstern on KQED Arts
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