Rachel Bublitz


The Book Women

Cover art for *The Book Women*.

All ages
Cast of 30 (15 she/her, 6 he/him, 9 non-specified), can be doubled down to a cast as small as 7 (5 she/her, 2 he/his)
75-90 minutes
Licensed By
Stage Partners.
The Book Women is available for purchase and/or licensing through Stage Partners.

In the midst of the Great Depression, in a community crushed by the collapse of coal, and isolated by the very mountains they call home, a group of determined librarians take to their horses to reach the people of Eastern Kentucky. With a dedication equal to the US Postal Service, these “Book Women’’ deliver more than the books and magazines they carry in their saddlebags. They bring hope. They bring dreams. They bring the promise that if we support one another, tomorrow will be better.

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