Rachel Bublitz


The Summer I Howled

15; 7 she/her, 3 he/his, 5 any gender
80 minutes
New Play Exchange

Welcome to Camp Gray Pine where campers spend weeks breathing in fresh air, soaking up nature, and learn the importance of friendship, healthy competition, and curing ancient curses. When seasoned camper Woolf wanders into the woods with new-kid Mike past curfew on the first night of camp, neither of them realize they’re walking under a full moon, or what is creeping near them in the trees, until it’s too late. Woolf is bit forcing her friends to drop everything and figure out how to keep her from going full-fledged werewolf before the next full moon. Can they navigate around Capture the Flag, basket weaving, ghost stories, and the dreaded Camp Gray Pine oatmeal to find a cure, keep their friend’s secret, and not raise suspicion? And when a cure is found, how far is too far to help your dearest friend? Pull up a log and lean close to the campfire, some stories are just better with s’mores.

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